How to Build Yourself an Awesome Home Gym

Do you dream about having your own home gym but don’t think you’ve got room–in your home or your bank accounts? Think again! Here, your step-by-step guide to building the ideal home gym for any space on any budget.

Step 1: Locate a space in your house that you can dedicate to your own workouts.
First, you need to choose where you want to set up your home gym. The spare bedroom, office, or possibly a backyard or patio, are all fantastic spaces for exercise. And if you do not have a spare room, a tiny area in your home (such as the living room) that can double as your workout space will do.

Step 2: Give it good physical fitness feng shui.
To help enhance your energy level during your workouts, make your space as light and airy as possible. And while incorporating in windows could not be possible, you can add in additional light sources to your own room: mimic recessed lighting with tap lights or put in a few lamps that use soft white bulbs. Bringing in plants may also help boost oxygen levels inside the room. Bamboo, ferns, and spider plants top the list due to their indoor air purification powers.

Clear your workout area of clutter and distractions–try to remove all of gadgets, gizmos, papers, or other things which may call your attention away from your workout. If you’re an exercise DVD fan, you will want to be sure that you’ve set your TV or personal computer at a level that’s best for following along with the routine.

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Additionally; you might wish to think about including a mirror to your workout space. Mirrors are fantastic for meditating on the motion–the mirror lets you be your own teacher. Not only can mirrors be a helpful tool for opinions on your form during exercises, but they can also help open up a distance, which makes it appear larger than it actually is, which might help you feel less cramped in a smaller workout space.

Step 3: Stock your home gym.
You do not need a lot of gear or bulky machines to create your home gym a great place to exercise. In fact, a number of the best home workout equipment is actually quite small and affordable.

Barrett loves foam rollers because they are so flexible–you can use them to get ‘kneading’ muscles out, core strengthening, or as a brace for yoga poses. And you can skip buying a massive treadmill for cardio when you can easily store jump ropes away which are ideal for quick cardio, Barrett states. Also, there’s no need for a bunch of cable machines or weights for strength training, invest in one set of dumbbells which you can adjust in a set of resistance bands. Learn more about how to use resistance bands at home gym army.

While stability balls and BOSUs can be enjoyable for workouts, they can be tough to store. That’s why we love using equilibrium discs at home rather.

You don’t – and this is super important – have to buy everything all at once! There’s no reason you can’t start with a few key pieces and then slowly build up from there. (This applies to a lot of things in life!) Save even more money by putting some things on your wish list for forthcoming holidays or your birthday, shop at secondhand sports shops or garage sales, or switch out with buddies to rotate your gear for free.

Step 4: Organize your house gym.
Once you’ve got all of your gear, you’ll need to keep it in between workouts, especially if you’re using a shared space (including the living area). If possible, dedicate a couple shelves or bins to organizing all you need for your workouts. A corner shelf unit is perfect for an iPod dock, speakers, and a plant or two. A storage ottoman from Walmart or Target is great for storing away resistance bands, dumbbells, and other exercise gear.

Now that you’re all set up, make certain to put your home gym to good use! Invite a workout friend over to train with you, or ask your partner to sweat out it from your side. Just like a real gym, it will not do you any good if you do not frequently visit it.

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